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Toyota Tacoma V6 Serpentine Drive Belt Tensioner Kit Genuine OE OEM

Model Number V6
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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HONDA Genuine CR-V Accord Belt Tensioner Assembly 31170-PNA-023Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; End Cap Groove:No; Ring Size:Standard; Bearing Family:Eccentric Collar Bal; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Flinger Type:None; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Shaft Attachment (2):Eccentric Collar; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Seal Type:Single Lip; Max Bearing Speed:7500 rpm; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Flinger Material:None;
Belt Tensioner Assembly for Honda Pilot Odyssey Accord 3.5L V6 2005-2011 PulleySelf Aligning:Self Centering; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Ball Bearing Housing Series:214 Series; Max Bearing Speed:3000 rpm; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Bearing Series:214 Series; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Ring Size:Standard; Seal Type:Single Lip; Bearing Locking Device:Concentric Clamp Col; UPC:782475327898; Flinger Type:Rubberized;
For Ford F-150 DAYCO Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley 4.6L 5.4L V8 khAnti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; d:0.7500 in; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Retainer Material:Nylon; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Seal Type:Single Lip; Ring Size:Standard; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Flinger Type:None; Flinger Material:None; Ball Material:Steel; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Bearing Series:204 Series; Bearing Bore Shape:Round;
Belt Tensioner Assembly for Honda Pilot Odyssey Accord 3.5L V6 2005-2011 PulleyRetainer Type:Std Retainer; Ship Weight:1.75 LB; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Bearing Duty:Intermediate Duty; Shaft Attachment (2):Eccentric Collar; Max Bearing Speed:5500 rpm; Bearing Series:207 Series; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Seal Type:Single Lip; Bearing Locking Device:Eccentric Collar; UPC:782475822423; Retainer Material:Nylon; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Family:Eccentric Collar Bal;
Timing Belt Kit Water Pump Fit 88-92 Toyota Pickup 3.0L V6 3VZEBearing Bore Shape:Round; Bearing Series:209 Series; d:45.0000 mm; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Retainer Material:Nylon; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; End Cap Groove:No; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Housing Type:Wide Slot Take-Up; Seal Type:Single Lip; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Flinger Material:Steel;
OE Quality Belt Tensioner for Chevy S10 LLV GMC Sonoma Isuzu Hombre 94-97 38187Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Bearing Thread Type:UNC; Retainer Type:Max Life Cage; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Ball Bearing Housing Series:205 Series; Bearing Series:205 Series; Retainer Material:Polymer; Ship Weight:1.25 LB; Ring Size:Standard; Flinger Type:INTERNAL RUBBER LIP; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Flinger Material:Stainless Steel; Bearing Outer Ring Material:None;
Timing Belt Kit Water Pump Tensioner for 91-99 Mitsubishi 3000GT Dodge 3.0L V6Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; d:3.0000 in; Base to Center Hight Numeric:3.7500 in; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Setscrew Angle:65; Split Housing:SPLIT; Housing Type:Pillow Block, 2 Bolt; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Ship Weight:44.17 LB; Bearing Series:215 Series; UPC:782475918492; Housing Product Type:TAF; Housing Series:517 SERIES (215 - 30;
Premium OE Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly for Honda 2006-2011 Pilot 3.5L V6 39092Self Aligning:Self Centering; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; d:1.1250 in; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; End Cap Groove:Yes; Ship Weight:3.28 LB; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Housing Type:4 Bolt Flange; Ball Material:Steel; UPC:782475116997; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Bearing Family:Eccentric Collar Bal;
New ListingGates 91107 Krikit V-Belt Tension Gauge, BlackBase to Center Height:Standard; Retainer Material:Polymer; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Family:Eccentric Collar Bal; d:1.7500 in; Retainer Type:Max Life Cage; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Ring Size:Standard; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ball Material:Steel; Max Bearing Speed:3600 rpm; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; End Cap Groove:Yes; Housing Material:Cast Iron;
Engine Belt Tensioner Assembly w/ Pulley for Honda Accord Odyssey Pilot V6 3.5LRetainer Type:Std Retainer; Ball Grade:Class 10; Flinger Material:Steel; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; UPC:782475941957; Bearing Series:212 Series; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Ring Size:Standard; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; d:2.4375 in; Ball Material:Steel; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Housing Coating:Powder Coat;



No.BrandBDdDadaUPCRadiusSeal Type
2002-2014- - - - - - - - Triple Lip
V6- - - 1.1875 in - - 782475985784 - Triple Lip
4.6L- - - 1.6875 in - - - - Single Lip
2x-25 mm180 mm120 mm158 mm138 mm - 1.5 mm -
Listing03- - - - - - 782475987139 - -
3.5L- - - 1.3750 in - - - - -
1.8L- - - - - - - - -
V6- - - - - - 782475583249 - Triple Lip
1pc- - - - - - 782476509507 - -
V6- - - 1.1875 in - - - - Single Lip
V6- - - 1.2500 in - - 782476478902 - Triple Lip
T100- - - 2.4375 in - - 782475035779 - Piston Ring
96-01- - - 1.9375 in - - 782475018475 - Grease Seal (Taper)
V6- - - 2.4375 in - - 782475941957 - -
3.5L- - - 1.4375 in - - - - Triple Lip
3.5L- - - 2.6875 in - - 782475327898 - Single Lip
V6- - - 2.4375 in - - 782475699445 - Triple Lip
S10- - - - - - 782476475246 - -
31170-PNA-023- - - - - - - - Single Lip
02-14- - - 2.0000 in - - 782476268152 - Single Lip
2.5L- - - 3.0000 in - - 782475699735 - Triple Lip
2001-2006- - - 1.4375 in - - 782475878727 - Single Lip
91-99Dodge - - 3.0000 in - - 782475918492 - Triple Lip
Z06- - - 1.2500 in - - 782476308841 - Single Lip
3.5L- - - 1.4375 in - - 782475822423 - Single Lip


Toyota Tacoma V6 Serpentine Drive Belt Tensioner Kit Genuine OE OEM Video


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Check the tension of the belt by pushing inward on the belt with your hands. The belt should have no more than a 1/2 inch of slack to be properly tensioned.
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